Wholistic Missions

Moving toward a problem, challenge, need, or broken thing in our path in Jesus' name.

Wholistic Missions, also known as Integral Missions, is simply your active love for God translated into an active love for people. This love notices, empathizes, and acts on the behalf of others.

Wholistic Missions isn't a program, it's a lifestyle. It's how we, Severn Runners, are committed to living out our time here on this earth. How can you get involved in Wholistic Missions? Start out by noticing the people God has put in your life. Who are they? What do they need? Next notice what you have in your hands...both literally and metaphorically. How can you answer a need they have with the resources you have available? Remember that it's all about relationship! Begin loving the people in your path well. They will see and hear Jesus through you!

To learn more about Wholistic Missions, check out our message series here.

Partner Ministry Highlight:

Partner Ministry: The Transformation Center

The Transformation Center is one of our partners who specializes in wholistic ministry. They aim to focus on five critical areas of each individual life: the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical, and social needs.

Meet The Transformation Center!

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If you buy your items at the store, you can drop your items at the Missions Area in the Atrium the first Sunday of each month. If you have questions, contact Vicki Delair.

Mission Trips with Severn Run

To learn more about our upcoming trips, or to donate to team members visit our Missions Trips page.