The Well

The Well equips, mentors, educates, supports, and befriends women as they navigate the process of discovering their God-assigned value and purpose.
- The Well's Mission

What is The Well?

The Well is a community of women committed to transforming lives through long-term relationships, practical programs, and the healing power of love. Through focused life-development and mentoring programs, women who have experienced trauma, trafficking, generational poverty, addiction, crime and abuse find a way to discover their identity, purpose and value. Through long-term relationships and unconditional love, lives are radically transformed.

The Well is leading the effort to change the community dynamic in Curtis Bay by helping women find and fulfill their given purpose. Through the COR (Community, Opportunity, Responsibility) Life Mentorship Program, workforce development, accountability meetings, educational programs, and unconditional love, the Well empowers women and changes lives.

Support The Well

In addition to serving, you can support The Well by purchasing Hons Honey at The Church at Severn Run Gear Shop or online. Hon’s Honey is a purpose-driven business that seeks to provide opportunity and sustainability. We provide an opportunity for women of Baltimore to rise above life’s challenges. Having meaningful work dramatically improves the lives of women and children in the community. Products are made by The Well’s community of women with the hope of healing for the next woman who walks through the door. We seek to create a difference in our community by providing the healing power of love through community, opportunity, and creating quality, locally sourced products.

Get Involved!

Get involved in serving at The Well by contacting Erin. More information can also be found at The Well’s website.