Check out this brief video to get a glimpse of the vision and expectations of the Open Door Capital Improvement Campaign!

How Can You Be a Part of This?

Prayerfully consider how you can financially support the Open Door Campaign and when you're ready, click the link below to pledge.

We have created something called "The Giving Discipleship Journey" that helps explain how we view the journey of a generous giver. Please check it out, consider where you might be on your own journey, and ask God to show you where He is leading you next.

We know it is important for you to see the vision and plans for the money raised. Scroll down to see the three major focus areas of the Open Door Campaign!

Major Children's Area Remodel

We responded to the needs of our county during the COVID pandemic and launched a food pantry in our closed down children’s area. Today, kid’s ministry is now growing, and it is time to reclaim the space! We are excited to partner with a gifted design team to reimagine both the upstairs and downstairs children’s areas as we remodel and repair it to serve a world-class children’s ministry. Your kids matter!

New Building for the Food Pantry

Serving over 1500 people a week, the state of Maryland has recognized the pantry with a $500,000 building grant given to the Love Wins Movement. This will partially fund relocating the pantry to a building of its own behind the barn, and the barn will also be renovated. The pantry has become a reliable source of support for many, and we as the church are making a difference in our community. Serving matters!

General Capital Improvements
General Capital Improvements

It’s amazing to see all the ways our building is used nearly every day of the week to serve our ministries and our community. Our building is also 17 years old, and it is time for some updates. Whether it’s addressing infrastructure needs, upgrading awnings, improving signage, or replacing furniture, we want everything on our campus and in our facilities to point beautifully to Jesus. Excellence matters!