Worship is the active choice to offer your life to God daily, and that one act of daily worship can transform your life! Heaven is worth so much more than this world; and we need to choose between the worth-less of the world and worth more of Jesus. We choose the worth more when we choose to worship by introducing the bad of life to the hope of God which is in the unfailing love of Jesus. Apply the hope of of Jesus to the hopeless situations in your life. Let love win by letting Jesus into the struggle of your story. Move from passive living to acting living by worshipping—putting your hope in the unfailing love of Jesus. Every day. Set aside time to be with God—every day. Read the hope of Scripture—every day. Focus on the love of Jesus—every day. Share your story with God—every day. Focus on the unfailing love of Jesus and give thanks until Love wins your heart for the day. Every day.