Leave Your Seat

About Leave Your Seat

We desire to leave our seats in the Worship Center and be the Church in the community, It started as a once-a-month on a Sunday thing, but it's grown into something so much greater—the lifestyle of a Severn Runner, a follower of Jesus.

The goal is simply this: let's get into our community to love well, live Jesus, and believe big in an intentional way as a church body!

Featured Serving Events

Check out some of the Leave Your Seat opportunities that are happening this month! Sign up to get involved — even better, bring a friend or family member with you to serve!

New projects are coming soon!

Ongoing Serving Opportunities

We don't want serving to be something we do when there is a special event—our heart is to see people serving everyday, in various capacities. Below, you can see ongoing serving opportunities that are happening on our campus as well as with our community partners. Click one of the events to learn more!

Want to Suggest an Opportunity?

Maybe you're not seeing an opportunity that you want to join. Maybe you have a connection to someone in our community who could use some support. Maybe you have a neighbor who needs a one-time boost. Whatever the case might be, we want to hear from Severn Runners about potential future projects! You can submit your ideas at the link below.

Full Serving Calendar

Here's a quick look at all of the upcoming Leave Your Seat serving events and opportunities!

Get In Touch!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Leave Your Seat, reach out to Amanda!

Amanda Gollmer

Missions Coordinator