In the kingdom of earth we’re bored by the wonder of life and blind to the presence of God. We invite Jesus into our lives and then restrict where we allow him access. We compartmen-talize our lives and keep him out of the things we don’t want to change. But you can’t let Jesus in and keep him out. We are challenged to Live Kingdom without limits. Just as a little yeast affects the whole dough, making it rise and react, we must let Jesus affect our whole lives. We must let him raise us up to a God-sized life. What do you let Jesus do in your house? Do you keep him out of select rooms, restricting him to certain areas that you know are “cleaned up?” Or do you let him into your dirty, messy closets and back rooms where he can take charge and help you really live the Kingdom? If your faith in Jesus is real, it will take over everything, and you will live a God-sized life that points others to Christ.