What’s In Your Hand?
The Church at Severn Run   -  

Integral Missions is allowing Jesus to live through us as we move toward a problem, a challenge, a need or opportunity with whatever’s in our hand so people can see and hear Jesus clearly. God works hard to get your attention and calls you personally into his purpose. That purpose is doing the work of sharing his love with the world. God is sending you, just as he sent Moses, and he will also be with you. You don’t need to know the plan God has, you just need to know the Father and let go of whatever it is that you’re holding on to that isn’t God. God has given you everything you need to change the world in Jesus’ name; if you let your heart be captured by the Glory of god, your attention will turn from your inability towards God’s ability. Don’t miss your calling and your purpose! Look to God, listen to Jesus, and allow the Spirit to lead you where he wants you to make a difference for the broken.