It is easy to learn something, but it’s what we do with that knowledge that matters. We are either in God’s “doing zone” or our own. We find Jesus when we go to the Scriptures and listen to the message. When you do when you find Jesus will change your life. Through faith you can be lead to do God’s will instead of your own. We must overcome the barriers that keep us from doing God’s will. We need to be ready to go and do. We all have a part to play. Why does it matter? Because only God can transform the ugly of this world to the good. When we choose to do God’s will, seeking him in the “small stuff,” we reveal that Jesus has become the most important part of life. We must allow our broken to be loved into the kind of brokenness that responds to God by doing his will. This is the only way we will have the kind of life that God desires us to live.