Worship is the movement from repentance to grace. It’s the movement from life-leaking “broken” to a life of beautiful brokenness before Jesus, using the broken things as trophies of God’s grace. Living broken is living in the past, with a focus on self, and pain, and woundedness. Living in brokenness is life in Jesus, focusing on joy, healing and the future. Before we can live in brokenness, Ego (pride, self-sufficiency, resentment, etc) has to die before we can ever find life in worship at the feet of Jesus. Everyone is broken, but we don’t always realize it. The more you can feel your broken, the more you’ll turn from what’s forever worth-less and towards what is worth more. Turning to Jesus in worship turns our useless and broken into a beautiful brokenness, surrendered to Christ. Bring your broken to the feet of Jesus and be forever forgiven.