Why wallow in what has been? We often misinterpret our times of famine (testing times) as meaning that God is not working in our lives. In reality, God wants to use you where you are and the with the people who you are with. He has attached a promise with our problem, that he will always be with us even if we do not understand at times. The people in our lives also
are important to God. You cannot move up until you move out those who no longer belong in your life.
How do we know who God wants to be in our life? The test is whether they are helping you move closer to
God or moving you toward something else. Your reward is not tied to those who pour dirt in your wells but lies in digging a new well. It takes crazy faith to recognize that regardless of your uncomfortable circumstances, God has given you an assignment that will help you grow closer to him and he will be with you every step of the way. Start living with crazy faith!