One of the enemy’s most trusted tools is fear. He uses it constantly to trip us up, hold us back, and keep us small. God originally made fear to keep us safe physically, but the problem is we’ve allowed fear to enter our minds and dictate nearly every aspect of our
lives. Oftentimes, the things we are most afraid of are not what can physically hurt us, but what can alter others’ perceptions and make us feel insignificant. The truth is, this is just how the enemy wants us to think. He wants us to forget that we know a God who is everywhere, in everything; a God who is a limitless love. He wants us to stay detached from that love. If he can do that, he can keep us from fulfilling the purpose that God has planned for each one of us. Just like Daniel, we need to face our fear, knowing that no matter where we go, God and his unending love is already there; knowing that our relationship with the creator of all things is the most important thing.