Making “The Turn”: Lamenting Through Pain
The Church at Severn Run   -  

It’s a fact of our humanity that we are often ruled by our feelings, the chief of these being grief. Therefore, it’s natural for us to run away from our pain, or to seek worldly things that can help us deal with it. The problem is, when we do this instead of turning to God, we are just filling our lives with that which is worth less. Life with God is life with faith, and that means we must choose faith over feeling every time. When we make the conscious choice to turn to God, giving him our pain, then we are living in true worship. It’s not easy, but when we go to God, he helps us get “unstuck” from the past, gives us peace in the present, and ultimately makes us unstoppable in the future! True worship involves the soul-deep choice to submit the reality we can see to the one we can’t by turning to God in faith, in spite of our pain.