We live our lives in relational poverty; we live outside of deep relationships and without love. This is killing us: but Jesus kills relational poverty as we become his love in the world. Love is everything in God’s Kingdom. Once you learn to live from Jesus, you can learn to live from love; loving Jesus, loving yourself, and loving others as Jesus loves. When you allow Jesus to really rule your life, he will move your life away from lonely and toward loving others unconditionally. Hell is about being alone and being unloved. Kingdom is about loving one another deeply, from the heart; it’s about being connected to Jesus and to one another. Let Jesus work through you so you can have sincere love for your brothers and sisters in Christ, for your family, and for everyone else whom God puts in your path. Giving your life to Jesus means being profoundly changed, week by week, by a power bigger than your pain. Start living that transformation!