Let The Kingdom Of God Become Your World
The Church at Severn Run   -  

The Kingdom of God is the transforming reign of God that we can see and become a part of here on Earth. It is seen in the places where we surrender our own lives and do God’s will, showing his glory to others through actions of Spirit-led love. Kingdom living only happens when we stop trying to fit Jesus into our own lives and instead surrender our life and our will to join God in his world. God will never lead you astray when you come; he will never lead you to focus on what other people are doing or have done to you. He will never measure your life according to conformity. Living Kingdom means living from a place of love and joining God in his story of bringing everything together in Jesus. Instead of just doing a bunch of stuff “for” God as you try to fit him in your world, start living your life led by Jesus in love. Let the Kingdom of God make you new. Let the Kingdom of God become your whole world.