Truth One: Our national conversation has become increasingly graceless and mean, which begs the question; is moralism really working, or do we need the grace of Christ more? Everything in this world is broken, but it is not broken beyond the ability of the grace of Christ to fix it. If you admit that you need grace, you will receive it; and when you receive it, your heart will stay open to give it to others because God’s grace comes in and goes out without limits. Truth Two: National fear and anger are all the rage, which begs the question; are we really trusting God? When you find your identity in Jesus instead of a party affiliation or your nation, the more loving and gracious you become in the face of the broken. Instead of being intent on destroying others who disagree, give grace and love unconditionally. Leverage the influence of your life for your Savior over your politics. If you really trust God, you will let His grace and love flow through you in everything you do.