In our broken world, people struggle for power. We fight each other for resources to attain more power, always looking for the next way to get ahead. The world says that power equals resources and position. The trouble is, those resources run out, and position is only temporary. But Jesus shows us the kind of power that matters. His power is different. It is eternal and unlimited. And becoming a child of God gives you access to his power. It is not based in resources or position. It is based instead in identity and purpose. As a child of God, your identity is in Jesus, negating the need for resources because in Christ you have everything you need. As God’s child, your power is also in your purpose. There is a reason you were born, a reason you are here. And everything you do in your life can be used for the good of the Kingdom. So when you live on purpose in the identity God has given you, you have all the power you need, both now and for eternity.