God wants us to be happy with what we’ve got. And not only that, but he wants us to give all we have for him not worried about whether it’s enough, but trusting that God gave us exactly what we need. We can’t compare our talents to one another. God gave us each a unique set of blessings, and he expects us to use them fully to bring praise and honor to him and to reach a world in need. God is infinitely good and endlessly generous. He does not favor some more than others. We are just temporary stewards of the gifts he’s given us. The question is what are we going to do with those gifts? One day God he will ask us to account for how we used our talents. He will want to know if we brought glory to him, or only to ourselves. He will tell us that he had a unique purpose for us and that he gave us exactly what we needed to fulfill that purpose. He will not compare us to others then, nor should we now. Don’t be resentful! Believe and trust in a good God who gave us what we need. Understand your gift and let it shine!