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God wants us to see the value in the forgiveness he offers. But, in order to be forgiven we must accept his gift freely. God’s wants us to recognize our natural sinful state as it is, not that it is impossible to get out of, but that it has been forgiven if only we will accept his gift. We all have a choice to make. God has given us a way to get out of our natural state of sin, but we must choose for ourselves whether or not we will accept it and trust in him. We might think we know what we really need in life, but God has a different idea. He has offered us forgiveness, but we must choose whether we want to accept it or choose to live our lives in our sin. There is nothing so wrong that we have done that disqualifies us from this forgiveness. If we want to cease to be controlled by our mistakes, we must fully embrace his forgiveness in our lives. It is not something that is easy for us to understand. Accepting forgiveness means letting life move forward supernaturally in an ever-increasing freedom.