Family Is A Greenhouse Where Life Grows In Grace!
The Church at Severn Run   -  

A life of servanthood begins at home. Families grow in the greenhouse of Jesus where we offer God’s grace and love to each other. This only happens through God’s grace and when his grace is accepted. Jesus brought us into his family. We are given the choice to accept and change or continue to live relationships that are CURSE-filled (Controlling, Unforgiving, Reactive, Shaming, and Ego-driven). We are God’s children given a warm embrace by Father when he adopts us into his family as equals. We share the same inheritance as Jesus. This is what we have to look forward to! Begin to acknowledge your place and who you are in God’s family. Then apply it to your own family. Be a chain-breaker for you and your family and lead your life on the path of grace received and then given to others.