Have you ever come to a point where you knew you were lost? Where did you go to get over that feeling of lostness? Everything you turn to in this world to fix you will end up failing you. Filling up your emptiness with anything but Jesus will turn into addiction, darkness and failure. The more desperately you feel your lostness in the world, the more desperately you’ll seek a savior outside this world. Is the darkness of the world enough for you, or do you want more? Do you want love, light, and peace? The good news is that you can have those things in Jesus. He fixes everything broken and he fills everything empty with a love that never fails. If you are feeling pain this holiday season, maybe it is your call to look up and believe that Jesus is your savior. Jesus is calling you into his light. He wants to love you. He wants to fix your broken. He welcomes you if you are willing to come to him.