A life following Jesus is a life of daily deciding that you want to follow Jesus. That is the life a disciple. So many people quit on God; they make a step toward Jesus, but then they turn away. A disciple says, “I’m not going to quit on God.” There will always be a part of you that is a rebel, trying to lure you away from following God; but there will also be a part of you that longs for Jesus. Listen to that part; the one that longs for Jesus. When you start, don’t stop. Don’t be stopped by fear, or feelings. You aren’t called to be a fan of Jesus or a member of a certain church; Jesus calls you to actively follow him. To be a disciple. To continue in relationship believing that Jesus is there, and reachable, and approachable. Being a disciple means you are learning to follow Jesus; that you let him have your life; that you stop trying to do it on your own and instead seek to do everything Jesus’ way. This is how you live Jesus – knowing that there is nothing better in life than to be loved by God.