Serving is always life-growing, healthy, strong and nurturing. It’s Jesus-dependent, not co-dependent. It is living with vulnerability with strong boundaries that makes life more, not less. True serving is grace-based, hope filled and joyfully Christ revealing. Yet, when it comes to our families, we react out of our broken. We act out of our tired. We act out of our broken. Children have a special place in the heart of the Father. With God, everything is about the heart, and a child’s heart is innocent, unassuming, curious and loving. So when we think about serving our family, and especially our children, we need to think from Scripture, not from culture and not from our broken. We can better understand what Jesus meant by Matthew 18 if we become like children. If we become God’s child, we will live it out by blessing God’s children (and aren’t we all God’s children?).