Jesus as Insurance

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To be saved is to let Jesus Christ, the son of God, forgive our sins and occupy our life. It is so much more than a fire insurance policy! Some of us are as passionate about Jesus as we are about our insurance policy; we really don’t value Him until we need Him! He is totally irrelevant...

If we're saved, we're sent!

The gospel isn't an invitation to happiness

Jesus said that if we found our life and our significance in His love, that we would be then so changed and altered in our heart that we would spend the rest of our lives helping other people find their place in the love of the Father! So if we are not doing the one, then we need to question the other, because this is a love so great and so powerful that it changes whatever it touches!

If we are truly saved, as the church of the living God, then we have to acknowledge that our purpose is not a country club for consumers. It is not a place for critics to rate. It is not where we get our needs met, that is not what the church is for!

The church is the body of Christ, it is to be in our world, what Christ's body was in His world! The body of Christ served the mind of Christ to do His will to touch the faces of those who are hurting and broken in His day and it's supposed to do the exact same thing in ours!

The flow of the love of God is this--Jesus said, "you come to me, and find in Me your life and the purpose you've been longing for. Everything else that you've tried and broken yourself on, when you come to Me instead of going to 'that', you will find rest! You will find life and you will find joy! But when you come and follow me for life, I'm going to send you out and I'm going to make you 'fishers of men' (Matthew 4:19). That's my purpose, that's my call, that's my love for the world expressed and lived in a way that actually works!" (paraphrased)

Here's the deal, I am so convinced that I (and we), do not believe in the power of the Gospel much anymore. I have been praying for the day when we would see 300 new believers come to Christ and follow Him in baptism every year. In a city of hundreds of thousands, how is that not possible?

There's only one way that's not possible and it's that I'm not doing my job!

I'm not believing my Lord. I'm not going where I should be going.

I'm not speaking how I should be speaking. I'm not letting Jesus make me what He wants to make me!

I want us, as a church, to wake up and opt of out consumerism.

I want us a church to recover our confidence in the Gospel (the good news of Jesus) to change lives and to believe that it's not just preachers who are given the privilege of answering brokenness, but every Christ follower is one who is sent!

If we have entered into the life of Christ, then we are sent out by Christ into the world.

The Gospel isn't an invitation to personal happiness--it's a call to wage and win an eternal war on your heart and your soul! If we're saved, we're sent! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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Jesus as Insurance

To be saved is to let Jesus Christ, the son of God, forgive our sins and occupy our life. It is so much more than a fire insurance policy! Some of us are as passionate about Jesus as we are about our insurance policy; we really don’t value Him until we need Him! He is totally irrelevant in our lives until there is a problem, and then we call. That is the way many of us construct a relationship with God and its completely wrong! 

The best gifts are the ones that are from the heart and from someone who really loves you. Our God is an awesome gift giver and He gives us the gift of life; eternal life! We need to understand that the eternal life that scripture is talking about is not just life when we die. Eternity is now (when we believe); so eternal life begins now.  All of this is found in Christ. Not in the world and not in our own independence. 

Here are the two realities we get to choose between. Life in this world where the God of this age dominates, according to 2 Corinthians 4:4, “satan who is the God of this world (the God of the ways of this world, the God of the values of this world, the God of the cultural fashion of this world) has blinded the minds of the unbelievers, to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.” This is the realm where the prince of the air (satan) dominates. Things are hard here; things are bad here; you are in a world that is led by a spirit that is out to deceive you and wound you as deeply as possible. We are on enemy occupied territory; and it’s a battle! 

So, these are the realities we choose between; the God of this world and our life in this world, or the God of eternity and the savior of the world Jesus Christ! When we believe, we switch worlds. When we believe, we change allegiances. When we believe, we live in a completely different culture. Everything changes and Jesus is not just an idea in our heads. Jesus becomes the guide and the leader and the Lord of our life. He occupies our hearts, our thinking, our fears and our future. He occupies our shame, our past, and He fills all of life with His goodness and His glory. 

Now, if the God if this age (satan) has blinded people’s minds, how are they going to see? The answer is you! Saved people reveal the love of the Father and they do this through the life of Jesus! It’s all about opening up your heart and letting Jesus Christ come in and begin to change everything. So, I just want to ask you, are you saved?  –Dr. Drew Shofner

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