Children of God

Children of God

Some of you are in good places in your family right now, and some of you are in bad places. Some of you are frustrated in your families and I just want to let you know that God cares passionately about your family and what you’re going through, and He’s here to fill your family with a new grace. In Genesis we see how the aftershock of sin and how the struggle begins to work its way through the family structure. Even in the origin of family, sin begins to cause pain. Now, God isn’t saying this is the way it should be, He is saying this is the way it is when I am not the source. We were made for God’s family, you were made for unconditional love, you were made for grace and for acceptance; you were made to be delighted in.

Family should be a place of nurturing, a place where we get our very core identity; where our hearts and hopes are shaped. Family is a place where our vision and understanding of ourselves is formed so very deeply. But so often in this world, all of that is mis-shaped, and we live under what can feel more like a curse than under the grace of God’s love. In families that are curse-full families, long records are kept and stuff is thrown in each other’s faces and there are pointed barbs and humor is used as a tool to wound; passive aggressive so that you don’t have to own your stuff. Here’s the deal, own your stuff! We shame, we embarrass, we guilt, it’s all a form of the curse brought about from separation with God. 

God didn’t place us in earthly families that it might be about us. The message of the curse is to earn love but the message of the cross is to receive love. Jesus knew who He was, He was God’s beloved and He didn’t earn His love, He just lived the love of the Father because God is so loving! Even on earth with all the imperfections, we can become people full of grace, fully dependant on God alone as our source. We can be families made for grace that accomplish God’s purpose on earth. Until we are living full of God and completely dependent on Him as our sole source of life, we will always be living under a curse and never experiencing family as God intended.

I just want to pray for our families…Father God, we’ve got one shot at this journey on planet earth. This planet is spinning fast through space, and time is passing and life is passing. The seasons are turning and in Jesus’ name, we are just asking for help in terms of getting family right. Lord, open our hearts to the depth of your Word, to the eternal truths that are revealed about you and how you made us to be a family. God help us to be willing to change. Father, build our family, bless our family and help us to accept being your family. We pray this in Jesus’ name, as all God’s peoples say, Amen! -Dr. Drew Shofner

Empty Can Never Fill Empty.


You and I are by nature empty, and we’re mad about it! In our emptiness, we are desperate to fill ourselves, and so we will fill ourselves with just about anything or anyone to answer the pain, the loneliness and the emptiness.

We will fill ourselves with that which addicts us, we will fill ourselves with that which breaks the most precious relationships in our lives, we will distract ourselves from the pain of facing our need for God. Sometimes what we need is so obvious it’s not even funny, and we can’t see the forest from all the trees around us.

Some of you know Jesus and you’re still looking , some of you have been exposed to religion of various kinds and church for years and years and you’re still hurting and you’re still depressed and you’re still angry and still messing with addiction and you’re still not nice at home and still ignoring the people around you and your still empty and your bucket is just leaking and leaking.

I do not understand all of the things that have happened to you, I do not understand how parents, in their own pain, can be so mean to their own children and sometimes fill them with hell itself. Some of you are still living with those voices echoing in your head so loudly and all of these voices just add to the emptiness and makes us more desperate to be filled, and so we run from person to person, we run from thing to thing, we run to keep our lives so busy that we can’t feel a thing; we just want an anesthetic to make us numb.

The fulfillment of your life will not be found in a man or a woman, not money or possessions, not the opinions of other people or some accomplishment of this vision that you self created for your life. The fulfillment of your life can only be found in one person; Jesus. That deep unsatisfied sense that is in each of us, is our longing for God. It is the longing to connect with life as it was meant to be in Eden. It is a longing for life as we want it to be in Heaven, but we are here and now in this imperfect, pain filled world, and God wants to answer that by filling our days with His love.

I believe with all of my heart, that the reason everything had to happen in the Old Testament as it did, was so that as we move into the New Testament, Jesus could fill the world’s emptiness with the creator’s love. So that at the right time, in the right way, God could fill all of the emptiness in the world with His love, so that we could be called back to our creator and to the very origins of our soul. 
Jesus fulfilled everything in scripture, to ‘fill full’ everything in you, and to fill you with the purpose of your creation (Isaiah 53).

Your emptiness has an end, and it ends in Jesus Christ, the moment that you believe and begin the journey in following Christ, God begins the process of filling you with all the fullness of Himself and bringing together all the brokenness of your life. So here’s the question, same old same old? Business as usual? Or a life of radical filling by the son of God who filled all the pages of scripture of himself so that He could fill every day of your life with Himself as well. –Dr. Drew Shofner

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We are here to change a world!

We are here to change a world

Our goal here at The Church at Severn Run is not to have a lot of people who are content to do nothing. If that's the case, let's wrap it up, let's call it a day and let's go home.

Your faith is noticed, and it teaches. Other people are watching how you live, and the simple reality is that other people's eternal destinies, I believe, are profoundly impacted by how well we love them and how well we reveal and live Jesus as we listen deeply. We can have a generational impact on our community. It's not something that we have to do on our own, the Spirit of God comes inside of us and translates life for us so that we realize we are blessed and that we have something to offer the world.

In the New Testament, we are told that the Son of God actually came to planet earth in a surprising way and He taught us a new way that we are actually expected to follow in our day. We are actually expected to do in our day what Jesus did in His; to do in our time what the church in the book of Acts did in it's time. God actually expects for His church to grow, He actually expects for His disciples to share the Good News of Jesus, and He actually believes that He has the power to change lives. But the question is, do we believe it? There are only one of two possibilities; either Jesus' words are merely words, or Jesus' words are the ground and the construct of all reality as we know it!

I want to tell you that Jesus took eleven unqualified, uneducated nobody's in the eyes of the world, He led them on a mission, and by the power of the Holy Spirit they changed the world. If Jesus did that with eleven who believed, what could He do with eleven hundred who believe at The Church at Severn Run today? -Dr. Drew Shofner

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the pure in heart

Can we all ageree that there are some things that belong in our lives and some things that don't? The question is what is the standard we use for measuring what belongs and what doesn't? What is acceptable and what isn't? What is helpful and what is not? Who gets to decide? If you and I are truly lovers of God and we are followers of Jesus, then by virtue of that profession of faith, we say, "Jesus, you decide what belongs in my life and what doesn't, what adds value and what takes away. What hurts, what helps, what should be there and what should not." 

Now, religion will allow you to know lots of religious knowledge and facts; but You'll still get to be the leader of your life. You'll still be the one to decide what's in, what's out, what belongs and what doesn't. When following Jesus Christ, He becomes life leader. Then God gets to decide what is toxic to your life and what is a benefit to your life, because real love costs; and your love will cost you lesser loves if it is real. 

Jesus took our broken lives and filled them with His own life; that is ever increasigly newer and of a higher purpose than ourselves. Now, we don't have to live for us. We now live according to His purpose; and the standard of what belongs and what doesn't is no longer set by me and my needs and my feelings, now it's set by the Word of God Almighty and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Purity isn't prudishness or missing out on the good stuff; Purity is freedom from what poisons life! -Dr. Drew Shofner


Owning the evil inside of us!

Evil inside of us

The reason that we are not experiencing what the Word of God says, is because we are mis-aligned; we are not doing what the Word of God says.

When we are button pushing, controlling, fault finding, arrogant, critical or negative, we are being evil and we need to repent of that and work for peace. We ought to be the ones who de-escalate the situations and pass on the insults and not take the cheap and easy shot to dismiss someone's worth under God; that's of hell!

All those who are peace makers, will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness; it's work! The children of God are called to work for peace on a daily basis so that your life doesn't start the day disturbed. Fill your mind with the Word of God and the Spirit of God will be in control of your day. Search for ways you can bring peace to your relationships, work to maintain it and let peace rule within your hearts; you gotta choose it! You can chose to live disturbed by your painful past, or your difficult present, or by what might happen in the future, or you can live inspired by the Holy Spirit ruling your life. When your heart is at peace, words of peace come out of you.

May the God of hope fill you with joy and peace so that you may overflow with the power of the Holy Spirit, inspired with hope in every relationship. (Romans 15:13) Not quitting on your marraige, not quitting on your kids, not quitting on your parents; but in every situation bringing the peace of Jesus to real life. Make the committment to do the work in your home and work for peace in your families.

What does it mean to bring peace? You go find out! And my prayer for you is that one day you will hear God say "Well done, my good and faithful servant." Peace Matters! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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