Together we are better!

Anytime that we categorize people into “us” and “them,” “them” is always less than “us.” The truth is there is only “us.” If we categorize people and buy into the legitimacy and validity of distinctions based on the pigment of skin, then we are locked into racism and we will be thinking in its terms until we see Jesus. I say NO! I say that my Father delights in diversity. I say that my Father made people with different skin pigments because He wanted to; because he loves to create. I just want to say that it is an honor to be your brother; together in Christ!

I want to call us as a church to be a church that realizes that we are not saved to sit, that we are called to go into every place where there is relational poverty and physical poverty and be the light and truth of Jesus Christ! We are to be a living example of God’s work to bring an end to the sin and brokenness of racism; and so we pray against the sin of racism. We pray God that you would continue to break the back of hate and hell by the power and resurrection of the love of Jesus Christ!

We pray that the church would be on the forefront of working for justice, to demonstrate your healing in practical ways. God use our hands and use our feet; in Baltimore City and in the places where we work to demonstrate your love and your healing. We pray this united; as all God’s people say, Amen. –Dr. Drew Shofner

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If you love me, you live it, and the rest is just talk!

if you love me, you live it

'Loving God and living sin’- This is the idea that we can love God and make peace with the sin in our lives. This is religion at its core and the deceit that deadens the excitement and the power of God’s purpose in us. I can say that I love God, but I don’t have to live in a high cost way. I can declare that I want to know God, but I’m not willing to know God in a way that will cost me knowing other things.
Jesus said, “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.” That clarity cuts through all of our garbage! It cuts through all of our fake religion, justification and rationalization for doing what we want to do. The simple truth is, if you love me, you live it; and the rest is just talk! –Dr. Drew Shofner


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If I have found grace in the eyes of God, how can I not see with grace my wife or husband?

Marriage Beatitudes

There is no way you can be married and walk this life together without it being hard sometimes. I realize that in marriage, there are a million different scenarios. I realize that everybody’s life is different, but I’m just telling you there is so much grace when we refuse to quit! Too often we hear the words of Jesus in some kind of black and white, ink on paper kind of way. We should hear the words of Jesus as if they were spoken to us eye to eye.

Imagine hearing the power in the Words of Jesus in Matthew 5:1-11 as Jesus would say to you:

Blessed are you when you are discouraged in your marriage; when you are poor in spirit, because in that moment yours is the Kingdom of Heaven. You are not alone, you are not abandoned, or without hope for the future.” 

Blessed are you when you mourn in your marriage, when you are hurting in your marriage, because I will be there to comfort you, I will never leave you, I will never forsake you.” 

Blessed are you when you are feeling week and meek in your marriage because you are trusting in me and you are going to inherit everything.” 

Blessed are you when you hunger and you thirst for righteousness, when you just want what is right in your marriage, because you will be filled. I will never leave anyone who comes to me hungry because I am the bread of life.” 

“Blessed are you when you show mercy in your marriage, when you pass on the chance to wound and to do harm to establish your power in the marriage. Blessed are you when you show mercy because I will show you more mercy than you can imagine and I will fill your heart with joy.” 

Blessed are you when you stay on the path of purity in your marriage when somebody else is looking better than your spouse. Blessed are you when you are seeking satisfaction in me and not in something or someone less than me. Blessed are you when you stay pure in heart because you are going to see me."

Blessed are you when you make peace in your marriage, when you work hard for wholeness through my holiness because I’m telling you, you are going to be called my sons and my daughters.”

Blessed are you when you are persecuted for doing the right thing in your marriage, when you live for me and when your spouse does not recognize it or makes your life harder because you are following Jesus. You are not alone, you are blessed because yours is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Do not buy into the lie of the world that you are going to write your own prescription and walk away from your marriage. You can choose to be “happy” or you can give it up and kick and scream and struggle, but never let go of Jesus. Never leave the power of His presence. Hold onto Him until you have endured and see His grace come. Let His glory and His image be revealed in you. Everything that Jesus has to say is big enough to lead you through a life that is beyond this temporary search for happiness and into a Holiness and wholeness that will echo forever; and it will be enough for you. 

The issue is not your spouse, the issue is Jesus and you and what your heart is going to do with Jesus. You cannot fix, control or save your spouse. The more you try to control the more you are going to mess things up. I’m here to tell you that God is able. 2 Corinthians 9:8 says, “And God is able to bless you abundantly, so that in all things at all times, having all that you need, you will abound in every good work.” Our God is big enough to work in the pain and in the challenge of your marriage; you just have to believe and never let go! –Dr. Drew Shofner

For God so loved the world.

John 316

When God acts in our lives and works to rescue us, there is a purpose for that. The purpose is that we get to live in His presence. We get to be with God; God rescues us to be with Him! When you are with someone you love, it’s a joyful thing and God’s joy is you! God’s heart is for you, and so He acts, always in history, to bring us to Himself.

The Laws of the Old Testament (the law of the first covenant) taught us that holiness is impossible to achieve in human effort; we couldn’t do it! We are rule breakers, we’re rebels and all that keeping rules does is keep us self righteous when we manage to keep a few rules that somebody else isn’t keeping. Nevermind the rules that we’re breaking, that they don’t know about. 

In the New Testament, (the New Covenant) we have a movement from law, to the Gospel (the Good News) and the good news is that holiness is a gift we receive by faith. It is a love gift of God so that the Old Testament story is still true, (that God rescues us to be with Him) but that in the New Testament, He rescues us by the blood of Jesus Christ. John 3:16 says that "God sent His one and only son that anyone who believes in Him would not parish, but would have everlasting life"; if they would just believe!

It is such good news to know that none of us have to fake it ‘til we make it. It is such good news to know that we are all broken inside and that none of us have all the answers, that none of us have to pretend that we’ve got this, because the truth is “we don’t got this!”

If you don’t want to be changed by God, you won’t be, but if you want God, you’re going to get God in abundance. If you have no intention of walking with Jesus and listening to what He says, than stay away, but don’t stay away because you think you’re unworthy or broken. We’re all unworthy and we’re all broken.

Get it right today, don’t try to be right on your own. Just let Jesus rescue you so that you can be with Him. Be broken, be honest, be humble, be repentant; the only sin that is unforgivable is the sin that is unconfessed. –Dr. Drew Shofner

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God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

God doesn't call the qualified

There is a race that God has marked out for you, and it is a run to glory! You have to choose to get off of the easy chair and out of the lazy boy; off the couch and run the race marked out for you! Your race isn’t somebody else’s race, your gifts aren’t somebody else’s gifts, your call isn’t somebody else’s call!

It is very personalized by an amazing God who ponders the thoughts of six billion people and calls each one of us into a life that is choice based, spirit driven and Christ revealing. We are called to grow as individuals, we are called to grow as a church. Our growth, His Glory! Do you get it? -Dr. Drew Shofner

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