Jesus raised the value of every human life!

Reconcile all things

To reconcile all things means to make life work, to make life fit! That longing inside of you for the good, that's what this reconciliation is talking about. We are a people who were torn from the heart of God by our own sin like a baby ripped from her mother's arms and we have been kicking and screaming through life trying to find happiness, trying to make this puzzle fit and work together and we cannot succeed without the hand of God on and in our lives. 

Whether on earth or in heaven, God is bringing all things together. How? By making peace through His blood shed on the cross. Jesus invaded planet earth with the heart of God and he brought light to a dark world. Guys, I want to share with you that by shedding his blood on the cross, Jesus raised the value of every human life! 

God so loved the world...that he sent his son Jesus to be not merely a moral example, but to be a personal savior for everyone who would believe. Believing is so much more than religion, believing is so much more than checking a church box on Sunday. Believing means seeing the value of Jesus and seeing him as the center of your story! -Dr. Drew Shofner

There is no such thing as a judgmental Christian.

Do not Judge

How we see people, in reality, is through a critical set of eyes. When we look at people, we find fault, we see differences, we see flaws. That's the natural way that we are here on planet earth. It is from a place in our hearts, a place of radical brokenness that you and I will always be naturally critical, naturally fault finding and naturally judgemental of the people around us. 

Jesus came as light into a dark world and everything that He spoke, countered the way that we naturally lived. We had a rhythm and a flow to life. We had a way to establish power and significance and Jesus turned it all upside down. To those who came into His presence and listened, Jesus spoke revolutionary, life changing, brilliant things! But He didn't just speak brilliant things to be admired, He spoke brilliant things that were to inspire brilliant living!

One of the things that Jesus said that changes how we live, as a community, as people, as a society, on planet earth is found in Matthew 7:1-5. "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." Let that sink in a little bit. There is a judgement coming for each one of us. "For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you." I'm just telling you, there is no such thing as a mean Christian. All they are, is a person going to hell, calling themselves a Christian! There is no such thing as a judgmental believer in Jesus Christ, they do not exist! If you're judgemental, you're not a believer in Christ, you're just deceived by satan more eloquently than the people who know they're lost! 

You and I have got to stop being judgmental critical people. In John 3:17, the scripture tells us the fundamental attitude of God toward us and it is NOT critical first, "For God did not send His son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world." God's first revelation of Himself toward you is not "you worthless sinner," but your first sight of the heart of God is of His beloved son bleeding on a cross; loving in the most sacrificial way. That is His heart!

When we truly see Jesus, we see God shouting not only His infinite love for the world, but when we truly see Jesus, we see God shouting His love for us! We see our own value and our worth in a new way and then we see the worth of everyone else around us in a new way! 

So here's the deal, we the people of Jesus, are people who have come into His light and acknowledge that there is something different about this man. He's brilliant, and we're not just going to listen to what He said and walk away the same. We're going to live brilliantly following His teaching, His person, His Spirit, through every conversation and through every relationship. We have to hear our call to be authentic and to be different, not to be perfect, but to be people who see life as Jesus saw it and to see people as Jesus saw them; because Jesus changes everything! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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How do you use power?

How do you use power

In Matthew 5:5 Jesus said, "Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth." Meekness has to do with the use of power and how we use power, Meekness isn't weakness. The meek are those who use power to serve Gods purposes. Jesus' people know Jesus and they live Jesus. They serve his interest in every interaction with every human being. 

Every generation looks around and it sees the world using power to exhalt self, advance self, serve self, and the voice of God in every generation is saying "No, I have sent My son to show you what real power looks like!"

Jesus was the strongest man who ever lived! He was strong enough to overthrow all of hell, and how did he use power in peoples lives? Gently, not weakly. He wasn't a people pleaser he didn't seek the approval of every audience, He didn't refrain from telling people the truth, but he handled life and truth gently. 

Religious people know "God words," but they ultimately buy into themselves, and they buy into the worlds way of using power. In sin, we seek to have power that God hasn't given us and we forfeit the power He has given us. 

We all have more power than we realize. God has given us the power to bless. We have the power to chose, we are never powerless, but so many of us here are living weakly in this world. When we live weak, acting as though we don't have a choice, or abilities or giftedness, or God himself. When we live weak, we are denying God's image in us and God's gift to us.

You have the power to change your world! You have the power to change life in your family. You have the power to chose what its like in your workplace. You have the power to chose to model grace to the people above you, and to model Jesus to the people positionally below you. What I want you to do is I want you to live gently. 

When you and I are not gentle with each other, we mock Jesus and we reject Jesus. To be strong is to own your power, and to handle others gently; fearing God and imitating Jesus! How do you use power? -Dr. Drew Shofner

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God asks us to give up the things that keep us from the best for us.

Things that keep us from the best for us

In Luke 6:46 Jesus said, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and you do not do what I say?” In other words, to come to Jesus under the umbrella of His leadership, is to leave behind self leadership. To call Jesus Lord, which means boss, guide, leader, the one who has rightful authority of my life, it means sacrificing sex and other things as your savior. Whatever it is that we turn to, to answer the need of our heart and our pain is our practical savior. It may be a bottle, it may be another person, a website, but whatever it is you are turning to, to answer the need to provide for your life, is your practical savior. When we call Jesus Lord, it means that we pay the price for sacrificing every other illusion that might save us. Jesus expects you to pay a price, He expects you to call Him Lord! That declaration of Lordship means that sex is not your God; it is not your savior.

Jesus takes everything deeply to the heart; past religion, past our defenses, past appearances. This is where the heart comes into play. If we are going to follow Jesus as Lord, we have to make up our mind as to what it is that we really want and we have to be true to it. To follow Jesus means making a sacrifice and not buying lies and wrapping them up in secrecy on the internet and thinking nobody’s going to know what I’m looking at, or I can flirt with this person at work and no one will know, or I can have the affair and no body’s going to know and it won’t happen to me…BUT THEN IT DOES! And then what happens, is just more brokenness in your life and in the life of everyone around you. 

Whatever the cost, whatever it takes, you have to be willing, if you are going to be a follower of Jesus, to be true and to pursue Holiness and purity. If that means no internet for you, then guess what that means? No internet for you! I have heard of tales of people that survived for several thousand years without the internet! Wherever you lack internal boundaries or fences, you must build external boundaries and external fences. Whatever it takes, get rid of it!

I’m not going to deny it, sin is fun for a season; and that’s the key. Sin is not in the first look, it’s in the second. For some of you this means no contact with the person you are attracted to at work. That means that you stop finding reasons to go and be around that person and enjoying their presence more than you are enjoying the presence of your husband or your wife. If that means changing jobs then you change jobs! Some of you would say, “Well Pastor Drew you don’t understand I would lose money.” Can I just tell you how broke you're going to be divorced? This isn’t about income, this is about Jesus in your heart! Calling Jesus Lord means allowing our faith in Christ to cost us something that breaks us. God never asks us to give up anything that is good for us. He asks us to give up things that keeps us from the best for us! –Dr. Drew Shofner

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

Phil 4:13

When you look at the future and all you see is doom and gloom and darkness, and the noise of the battle, then you have lost sight of the victory and the peace that lies afterwards! All you are going to see with your natural eyes is darkness, hopelessness, brokenness, despair and whatever else hell wants you to see. But when you start believing, it is as though the horizon breaks and you can see how Heaven has invaded earth and now there is hope where there wasn’t hope, there is healing where there wasn’t healing and even death itself, I see death in light of Heaven and it just doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about interpretation. 

Real faith is about seeing life differently and you see it through Christ who was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day, who cannot be stopped by all the powers of hell and is coming again. We live in the short time in between, between the first and second coming of Jesus Christ, and we live with the vision of the kingdom overshadowing the power of the darkness. 

So whatever comes our way, we interpret it by seeing the reality of what will be true forever and that is that God is victorious and has done everything that could possibly be done for us, and that we are going to be ok because heaven has won and hell is defeated. Believing is seeing the possibilities of God applied to real life, while the battle still rages and before we get to Heaven itself. 

Jesus Christ is resurrected and His spirit indwells every true believer and every true believer now, "can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Phil 4:13) There is an answer and His name is Jesus. If you can find a better answer that is more positive, than good luck to you. I could not and I don’t believe that you will either. Father, in Jesus’ name I pray that you would help us to surrender and to run to that which will set us free. –Dr. Drew Shofner

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