Charles Stanley was a remarkable figure in the world of contemporary evangelism. Born on September 25, 1932, in Dry Fork, Virginia, he spent over six decades inspiring and guiding people in their faith journey. As an American pastor, theologian, and author, Charles became a household name in the Christian community, renowned for his dynamic preaching, unwavering faith, and profound contributions to evangelism.

Charles was raised in a devout Baptist family that instilled in him a love for God and a passion for spreading the Gospel. His childhood experiences became the foundation of his faith and the reason for his lifelong commitment to evangelism. After completing his theological education at the University of Richmond in 1953, he was ordained as a Baptist minister and began serving as a pastor in various churches across the South.

Throughout his career, Charles gained a reputation for his ability to connect with his congregation on a deep, personal level. He preached with conviction and compassion, drawing people to God with his message of hope, love, and salvation. In 1971, he was called to serve as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta, one of the largest and most influential churches in the country.

Under his leadership, the church grew exponentially, with thousands of people flocking to hear his sermons each week. Charles’s message resonated with people of all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life, and he became known as one of the most influential pastors of his time. He had a talent for breaking down complex theological concepts into easily understandable terms, making the Gospel accessible to anyone who would listen.

In addition to his work as a pastor, Charles was also an accomplished author and speaker. He wrote over 30 books on a variety of topics related to the Christian faith, including prayer, discipleship, and spiritual growth. His books have been translated into dozens of languages and have sold millions of copies worldwide. His messages were also broadcasted on television and radio, reaching millions of people around the world.

Throughout his life, Charles was recognized for his many contributions to the field of contemporary evangelism. In 1985, he was awarded the prestigious George Washington Honor Medal by the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, which recognized his outstanding leadership and dedication to the principles of freedom and democracy. In 2001, he was inducted into the National Religious Broadcasters Hall of Fame, which honors those who have made significant contributions to the field of Christian broadcasting.

Despite his many accomplishments, Charles remained humble and deeply committed to his faith. He continued to serve as the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Atlanta until his retirement in 2020, inspiring and encouraging his congregation each week. His legacy as one of the most influential pastors of his time was secure, and his message of hope and salvation continues to touch the lives of millions of people around the world.

In closing, I offer this short prayer based on Bible verses that express the hope and joy of spending eternity in the presence of God:

Dear God,

We long for that blessed place,

Where we will see You face to face,

Where pain and sorrow fade away,

And joy and peace forever stay.


In that land of eternal light,

Where all is pure and holy bright,

We’ll sing and shout with joyful heart,

And nevermore from You depart.


Oh, what a glorious day that will be,

When we will dwell with You, eternally,

And all our tears will be wiped away,

As we bask in Your eternal rays.

We thank You for the life and legacy of Charles Stanley, who shared Your love and message with the world. May we continue to be inspired by his example and carry on his work in our own lives. Amen.