Not Greener Grass

Glenda Lawing   -  

Do you ever want something and once you got it, it was not all it was cracked up to be? Advertisement is a powerful tool. I am not just speaking of advertisements that come on television but things that we see advertised in our everyday living.

Short story: I remember many years ago I had a job, it was okay, it was a job. I had been on this job for over five years; I knew the routine and was comfortable there but of course I sure could use more money. Someone told me about a job opening where they were employed. She made it seem like it was the greatest place to work.  Since she had been on that job, she had purchased a house and a new car. She was always vacationing. So, I applied, interviewed, and was hired. Raise your hand if you know the job was not all it was cracked up to be and the additional money was not worth it! Did I even take into consideration that the person who told me about the opening traveled a lot because she went with her fiancé on his business trips? Nope! Sure, did not! Guess what, the company had three different locations; the location I worked in closed within a year.

There was nothing wrong with the job that I had. I was in a good place. Now, do not get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with advancing but I was doing it for what I thought I saw. I thought I saw greener grass but it turned out to be brown and it also needed mowing. The sad part about it is that I had sort of a bad feeling about it when I put in my 2-week notice, and for days afterwards. I ignored it for greener pastures.

Today, I do not know if COVID has changed things or if it is just another sign of our ever-changing world, but it seems as if less people are putting their hope, faith, and belief in Jesus Christ as their Savior. It seems as if many are looking for someone or something to believe in. I guess Jesus is not answering hopes, dreams, and prayers the way we, the clay, want the potter to do. Or, could it be that we live in such a youth obsessed, sex obsessed, materialistic, and self-absorbed world that no matter what is provided it seems never to be enough? I am guilty, as I mentioned above, now I recognize it; I talked to Jesus about it, and I asked for him to change what I cannot.

What I learned from above was that, in life there are pros and cons. Satan sets up a good package deal. If something is too good to be true it usually is not for real. If you are building a relationship with Jesus, He will not lead you astray. Be sure to listen to what you might not want to hear.

Prayer: Lord you said to Call to you and you will answer us and tell us great and unsearchable things we do not know.Jeremiah 3:33. Father, help me to discern whether I am being led by your call or by my own desires. Lord, help me to rely on you for strength and to stop fixing my eyes on greener pastures and start fixing them on you, the eternal green pasture. In Jesus name, Amen.