Janelle Webber   -  

In today’s advanced world of technology one can follow just about anything imaginable – food networks, best deals, management solutions, lighting controls, lines of clothing, movies, and movie stars to name a few. You can track down pictures on instagram with #followme. There was one of the “followme” options that got my attention: “FollowMe – Trusted Intelligence”. I don’t know about you but I could use some trusted intelligence!

All of these “follow me” options have a common theme. Although people may follow, they do not need to commit. They can follow for awhile, go down another path, return for few days, weeks or months and then change course completely. We have become a no-committed society looking for any fix to hold our interest and to fill the hole in our heart.

Jesus knew this was not our best option. He knew there was a better way. That is why when He called Matthew to follow Him, it wasn’t a “follow for awhile” opportunity or a temporary mending of the hole in Matthew’s heart. Matthew was to be all in or all out  – he got to choose. Matthew chose well, he went with all in.

Jesus calls us to do the same.

Seems odd maybe that Jesus would set such high expectations of Matthew and ultimately of us.

What’s wrong with following other people or ideas or styles of living?

Why was Jesus so clear in communicating that He and only He was to be followed?

Jesus explains this in a conversation He had with one of His disciples, Thomas. We read in John 14:5 that Thomas was confused, maybe he felt lost in not knowing the way and how to follow. Jesus’s answer in verse 6 clarified things for Thomas and for us also: “Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ “

Now wait.

Think about what you just read.

What exactly was He telling Thomas?

What  is Jesus telling us?

Pretty high stakes here. Jesus, is saying only through Him do we get to the Father. Through Jesus who gave His all to be near us and to die for us, so we can have a connection to and a relationship with God. Only through Jesus. Not the news network or the spiritually channel or any other “follow me” option.




Focus, believe and go deeper. Find the cost and reward of following Jesus. You were designed to have a hole in your heart, a hole that only Jesus can fill. He is the best “follow me” choice for finding trusted intelligence!