Mission Trips with Severn Run

Jesus didn't lead people into classrooms...

He lead them on the road so that they would bump into other broken people who did not yet know Jesus. That is what our Missions Ministry is all about, bumping into other broken people and serving them in meaningful ways in order for them to come to know Jesus on a personal level. 

This year we are sending several teams out to our partner ministries in the Dominican Republic.

If you're interested in going on a Missions Trip, you can request to join the Missions Team MySevernRun Group to get regular email updates about what's coming up soon.

Upcoming Trips

Ethiopia Trip - Postponed to Feb 2020

February 18-26, 2020
Take a trip with Compassion International to Woliso, Ethiopia. This area is where many of our very own Severn Runner Compassion Sponsored children live. Contact Vicki DeLair for more information.

Dominican Republic Trips

May 5-12, 2019:  Adult Trip
June 29, 2019 - July 7, 2019: Student Trip
July 20-28, 2019: Student Trip

Costa Rica Trip

August 3-11, 2019: Adult Trip
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