Welcome to the Severn Run Military Ministry!


Mission Statement: The Severn Run Military Ministry (SRMM) deepens the relationships of current and former military members and their families with each other, the Church, and the surrounding community by providing needed resources, support, assistance, and connection.

Support – Meeting military community needs, such as deployments (before, during & after); PCS moves; separations; & other significant family events (death, birth, financial, etc.) by supporting:

1. Service Members
2. Their families
3. Veterans

Resources – Providing the needed resources to assist in a variety of ways (online, classes, etc.), with the goals of helping SRMM members meet practical needs. These resources are from:

1. The Church
2. Fort Meade
3. Online
4. Community, to include…
   a. Personal
   b. Professional
   c. Fun

Connection – Strengthening social ties, relationships, and support networks in meaningful and specific ways by connecting SRMM members with:
1. Christ
2. Each other
3. Church community

Service – Expanding out from within the church to serve and build connections, to include outreach directly supporting local veterans, by serving in:

1. Severn Run
2. Fort Meade
3. Greater Community

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For more information, please contact Andrew.

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