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What is Tables?
A Table is a group of at least 2 people who share a meal together throughout the summer. The early followers of Jesus gathered and created community around tables. We are going to the same thing. Meet some new people, gather some old friends, and share a meal together.

How is it different than our normal Connect Groups?
It’s not that much different! Tables is simply a low commitment, intentional way to make time for building relationships. 1 Corinthians 13:2 says, “and if I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have all faith, so as to remove mountain, but have not love, I am nothing.” Tables is your opportunity to take a step back from your normal routine and BE with the people around you.

What is the purpose of Tables?
Jesus did relationship intentionally. From prostitutes to the religious elites, outcasts to influencers, Jesus set a standard. Tables is our opportunity to intentionally share relationship with people that are different than us, people who have never experienced community, and people that are deserving of the depth of relationship in community God intended for us. We will be the Church that is known for the way we love one another, the way that we live Jesus by seeing people healed and needs being met, and the way we believe in the awesome God that we serve to do the impossible in our community. Souls will be saved daily because we chose to get back to being the Church on purpose.

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Connect Groups

What Are Connect Groups?

Life is better connected! Connect Groups are where we go from being just a friendly church to a church of friends. Every week our groups get together in homes, at coffee shops, or at Severn Run to do life in authentic relationship. From detailed Bible study to laid back girls or guys nights out, we are committed to doing life together, as friends, on God's mission.

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Why Should I Be Connected?

Here in the Baltimore-Washington area, it can be really easy to get lost in the hustle doing life alone and isolated. Sure, we make it to worship on Sundays, and then we're back to the lonely hustle of life. We get stuck in this cycle and wonder if there is something better out there. It's time to break the cycle of loneliness! Join a team of people who can celebrate with you when life is great, and carry you forward when life gets hard. Connect Groups become a second family that helps bring your focus back to God's call on your life in real ways.

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How Do I get Connected?

  • Check out our Connect Groups List, or get some help from a Connect Group Concierge
  • Pick out a group (or two!)
  • Visit the group(s), we don't mind if you bounce around to find your best fit
  • Join a group and commit to attend regularly for at least one semester 

Are you more of an analog person? Come visit us in the Atrium on Sunday mornings, or find anyone wearing a Connect Groups lanyard and badge.

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Connect Groups 2018 Semester Schedule

Winter Semester – January 21-March 25
Spring Semester – April 15-June 17
Summer Semester – July 8-August 26
Fall Semester – September 23-November 18

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Our Connect Groups are led by Amber Adams. Learn more about her here.