Praying In Public

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Whenever I sit down at night to relinquish my stresses and struggles in prayer, there’s a part of me that always wonders, Should I pray more than this? I pray often, before every meal, in the morning, in the night. It is then that I realized something: I never pray in public. How crazy! I...

The Beauty in Serving

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Picture this: you’re sitting in church or your weekly youth group and they’re going through the announcements. Simple enough right? You may check your phone during this time, maybe daydream a little if given enough minutes. By the end, you haven’t heard a thing of what was...

Angels 101

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So, what do you picture when you think of the word “Angel”? Maybe a cute chubby little baby with wings comes to mind; or a tall brooding figure with enormous wings carrying a message. There are also many that consider them human looking, like us, made in the image and likeness of...

The Wisest Thing You Can Do

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“Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do!”   Proverbs 4:7 Solomon makes a good point. Knowledge is pretty easy to come by, especially in our day and age. Don’t know something? Google it. Confused on a subject? Look it up on Bing. Questions? Ask Yahoo. The...

The Patience of Job

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Patience is one of those things that a lot of people lack, myself included. When someone takes too long to say something, or when someone in front of me is walking too slowly, it makes me want to crash through a window and run screaming into the ocean. So if you have a problem with patience...

Christians Suffer Too.

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“Being depressed does not disqualify you from being used by God either. Sometimes God uses us in spite of our depression. Sometimes He uses us because of our depression. God wants us to live a life of joy. We also have real and raw emotions, including depression. When you are depressed, don’t hide from the Bible, run to it. Don’t feel condemned, feel comforted.”

-Jason R Mcnaughten, Pastor and Author of ‘A Depressed Christian.’

In life, most of us consider ourselves quite high standing. A prayer in the morning, and a prayer in the evening. It’s possible there have been times where you’ve thought of yourself as completely invincible. You feel as if nothing can touch you, but in this way of thinking you’ve forgotten the broken world we live in. It’s certainly been a long road to getting to a spot of recovery, even for myself. Sometimes, I’d ask myself questions I most definitely knew the answers to. Things like,

“Should you really be by yourself right now?”

“Can a Christian really claim to be godly if they’re still feeling such sadness?”

In truth, many ask these questions to themselves too. You wonder if you can’t be both. That if you’re feeling depressed, you can’t have a successful relationship with God. This, is nothing more than a myth. If anything, this question certainly doesn’t come from God, it comes from down below. No one is perfect, even if you’re a Christian, everyone feels this. If you need help, don’t be afraid to ask your leaders for it. Don’t be afraid to tell people. But most importantly, don’t hide away.

We can help you in any way that you need. Also if you feel like you ever need someone to call, here are the suicide prevention hotlines


Please know you’re not alone, Christian’s get depressed too.

Finding Motivation

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Haven’t we all had a moment in a service, where we’ve just wish we’d stayed in bed. Try as you might to deny this fact, we know that every once is in a while you just can’t help but have the desire to sleep in and relax on a Sunday. Not that this in inherently wrong to do so, but sometimes we’ll find ourselves in a loop of not attending services. From personal experience, I can relate to this fact. However, it’s really important that you keep yourself in the constant rhythm of hearing God's word, and keeping yourself in the chair. Here are some ways you can  keep motivation in your service.


Taking a pen and paper to service is actually more effective than one might think. It’s actually very helpful with not only trying to keep the services information in your mind for longer, but also keeping yourself connected to what is going on. This doesn’t have to be specific line by line journalism, but rather doodles and notes that help you grasp a clear picture of what is going. Allow yourself to listen while simultaneously keeping the right side of your mind busy is a great way to stay motivated.

Sitting closer to the front

Whenever we sit close to the Pastor as he speaks, we notice that it’s a lot more attentive than if we were to sit in the back. This is because, for the most part it’s louder, and much easier to see. You’d be surprised at just how much of a difference changing the position of where you are seated can make. You’re also less inclined to distract yourself, when you know you’re seen. It helps to keep you focused on God’s word, thus more likely to come back.

Being attentive during the week

We as Christians should know by now that Sunday’s shouldn’t be the only day that we think about our relationship with God. It’s important to think about him and how he’s working in our life often, making sure that we remind ourselves why we’re thankful for his love. We are children of God after all. Just by thinking about it all week will give you a lot of motivation in itself

We are children of God, we may not always be attentive Christians, but we always make an effort to be a part of the community of fellow members in a Christ. It’s important to keep our minds and motivations to him. Allow yourself to just tune out the outside world, and focus on the word of God.

Prayer Of The Month!

“Consider it a sheer gift, friends, when tests and challenges come at you from all sides. You know that under pressure, your faith-life is forced into the open and shows its true colors. So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way.”
‭‭James‬ ‭1:2-4‬ ‭MSG‬‬

I, The Pathway

Authors Note:

Hi! This is Lillian. Seeing as this is the holiday season, I kinda wanted to do something different and show you the creative writing side of this blog. This will be a new feature, where on occasion instead of a topic being discussed, it will be a short writing piece inspired by faith. This excerpt is specifically about control, and how in faith it can be hard to let go and let the Lord lead the way.

Two options stand in front of you one leading to hell, the other to heaven. Which is the safest of options? Your soul warns of the fury that shall be lashed upon you, it speaks of the glory of light heaven would bring. Those lights may flicker, ending that last hope of revival in bed. Every last breath aches, the steps leading to a white staircase. Which is most rewarding? The ability to have freedom, or happiness?

If you go down the first staircase, you will be met with the flames of darkness, charred souls and bodies screeching out for a savior. This will be agonizing, but you may do whatever you wish in this land.

The second staircase brings you upwards, to a light-shrouded grass plain. You are happy, joyful at the beautiful cathedrals and castles at your disposal, there are light cities all around you. You'll be overcome with such emotion for you will never suffer again, but you have many rules you must follow. If this is the only eternity you are given, I have but one suggestion.

Live with every moment right in front of you, do not be afraid of what you cannot see. For it is the gospel to choose the obeyed path. May a soul such as yours be graceful into its ascend, a perfect crystal orb of white energy. Choose thou lord as faithful God of your ruling, for hell is never truly free. Mortal man will never understand until the day of death, that mortals were never the center, but only the beginning of a long, twisted path.

His kingdoms know no bonds, Father of the sheep of dimensions. He Shepard's the universe with his cane of wisdom, his mind more powerful than any sun or any solar system. Seeing his kingdom, is the richest form of pleasure one can receive. Believe in what is beyond your knowledge, it is foolish to only look to your hands instead of looking through your faith.

You are a path, directed by free choice. Live as though you look to a Shepard, be guided by your freedom for in death you will be restricted. Let the Shepherd guide your path to salvation.


Praying In Public

Whenever I sit down at night to relinquish my stresses and struggles in prayer, there’s a part of me that always wonders, Should I pray more than this? I pray often, before every meal, in the morning, in the night. It is then that I realized something: I never pray in public. How crazy! I couldn’t recount one time that I had openly prayed before a lecture, or at the mall. Not at all. Why is that?, I pondered.

A recent study I discovered by pewforum found that the majority of those that pray daily, are usually older generations overall. Younger generations such as millennials and generation Z had a lower percentage point when it came to prayer frequency. What could this possibly mean when it comes to praying in public? Think about it, most younger generations spend their time in the most public place of all; a school building.

Schools are filled from corner to corner with people in your same age group. Whenever we feel like we want to pray in these public places, a lot of people first consider how many eyes are on them. It can be troubling to worry about whether or not a person will judge you if you were to pray. Worry not however, because there is a way to become more confident in prayer

Focus your attention on God! Even if you’re in public, you’d be surprised how quickly you can slip into a private state of mind when looking into the word. Sometimes we think that if we were to pray we would be ostracized, but the reality is that barely anyone notices. At least, not the people that should. The only thing you need to focus on when praying is God and God alone. Remember that you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace your beliefs, even in a public setting. They are yours, after all

If you’re worried your friends will make fun of you, it’s possible you may need to look a little deeper into whether or not those friends are good for you. If they don’t allow you to truly be yourself in public and express that, then you have a problem.

Consider the following questions for this topic:

  1. how often to you pray in public?
  2. Do you ever worry about what others think when praying?

Prayer Of The Month:
I submit my prayers to you, Oh God, on this beautiful day. Give me courage, strength and confidence to face the trials and temptations that may lay ahead.

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The Beauty in Serving

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Picture this: you’re sitting in church or your weekly youth group and they’re going through the announcements. Simple enough right? You may check your phone during this time, maybe daydream a little if given enough minutes. By the end, you haven’t heard a thing of what was going on that week. You figure to yourself, “Why should I listen to serving opportunities, when it has absolutely nothing to do with me?” After this you continue on with your day as usual. However, you probably don’t realize that what you said is false. Serving opportunities not only apply to you, but the community around you.

It’s more common than you would think. We as Christians may do a lot inside of our church, but we disregard the outside. Whilst it is always good to help our friends and neighbors, and assist in serving for church events, the impact from serving outside the church is absolutely incredible. So today’s topic is all about outside serving-meaning serving in our community-and the true beauty of it.

Serving opportunities are everywhere. They may not seem like they are, but trust me you’ll find them practically anywhere. Your local church may sponsor outside organizations that help smaller communities to flourish again, such as The Well in Curtis Bay. Or maybe a shelter has left a flyer on your door asking for volunteers. On a bigger scale there are even yearly trips to the Dominican Republic, all for the sake of helping others. These shelters always need help, and we as young Christians certainly can give a hand. So what’s holding us back?

Some would say obligations, others simply claim they wouldn’t fit in with such a situation, but here’s the thing: we should always have time for God-for serving Him by serving the people He loves. No matter what’s going on during the week, a little here and there to help out surely won’t ruin your free time. Sometimes we can even multitask with two things at once. Take spending some time at Morningside with the members of our youth group for example. Whilst you’re there you can maybe share some of the things you enjoy doing at home, like your art or music. Anything you’d do whilst relaxing can actually really open someone’s eyes and connect with them. That’s another thing; our talents, can be useful for others. Have to practice your trumpet? Practice it while serving! It’d certainly make the people there much more cheerful.

Here’s the thing. We always put things in our way. We can always find something stopping us from helping. I understand this too. For me I always assumed I was much too busy to help out, but in truth I couldn’t be bothered. That is, until I tried serving up in Curtis Bay. There was approximately twelve of us. Four girls (including me) did face painting at an even at The Well. At first I was a little discouraged, and nervous I wouldn’t be good enough to work on it. By the end, I was smiling ear to ear! Why? Because of the smiles I put on the kids’ faces when they had their faces painted to look like a character. None of my fears mattered anymore, it was just enjoyable to see them so happy.

It’s for this reason that I seriously encourage anyone that is on the fence to seriously try serving outside the building, you won’t regret it! It’s an amazing experience, and when you see how happy it makes others, you’ll feel God’s presence


Prayer Of The Month!

“Lord, teach me to be generous.
Teach me to serve you as you deserve.
To give and not to count the cost.
To fight and not to heed the wounds.
To toil and not to seek for rest.
To labor and not to ask for reward.
Save that of knowing that I am doing your will.”
-St Ignatius

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