God asks us to give up the things that keep us from the best for us.

Things that keep us from the best for us

In Luke 6:46 Jesus said, “Why do you call me Lord, Lord and you do not do what I say?” In other words, to come to Jesus under the umbrella of His leadership, is to leave behind self leadership. To call Jesus Lord, which means boss, guide, leader, the one who has rightful authority of my life, it means sacrificing sex and other things as your savior. Whatever it is that we turn to, to answer the need of our heart and our pain is our practical savior. It may be a bottle, it may be another person, a website, but whatever it is you are turning to, to answer the need to provide for your life, is your practical savior. When we call Jesus Lord, it means that we pay the price for sacrificing every other illusion that might save us. Jesus expects you to pay a price, He expects you to call Him Lord! That declaration of Lordship means that sex is not your God; it is not your savior.

Jesus takes everything deeply to the heart; past religion, past our defenses, past appearances. This is where the heart comes into play. If we are going to follow Jesus as Lord, we have to make up our mind as to what it is that we really want and we have to be true to it. To follow Jesus means making a sacrifice and not buying lies and wrapping them up in secrecy on the internet and thinking nobody’s going to know what I’m looking at, or I can flirt with this person at work and no one will know, or I can have the affair and no body’s going to know and it won’t happen to me…BUT THEN IT DOES! And then what happens, is just more brokenness in your life and in the life of everyone around you. 

Whatever the cost, whatever it takes, you have to be willing, if you are going to be a follower of Jesus, to be true and to pursue Holiness and purity. If that means no internet for you, then guess what that means? No internet for you! I have heard of tales of people that survived for several thousand years without the internet! Wherever you lack internal boundaries or fences, you must build external boundaries and external fences. Whatever it takes, get rid of it!

I’m not going to deny it, sin is fun for a season; and that’s the key. Sin is not in the first look, it’s in the second. For some of you this means no contact with the person you are attracted to at work. That means that you stop finding reasons to go and be around that person and enjoying their presence more than you are enjoying the presence of your husband or your wife. If that means changing jobs then you change jobs! Some of you would say, “Well Pastor Drew you don’t understand I would lose money.” Can I just tell you how broke you're going to be divorced? This isn’t about income, this is about Jesus in your heart! Calling Jesus Lord means allowing our faith in Christ to cost us something that breaks us. God never asks us to give up anything that is good for us. He asks us to give up things that keeps us from the best for us! –Dr. Drew Shofner

The flame may be pretty, but it burns really hot!

The Flame may be pretty

Few things in life are more powerful than sexual desire; and few things destroy life more quickly. This world is selling the idea of ‘total satisfaction.’ This deadly myth, that you can be totally satisfied in this world. The world literally pumps this message into the media and into our conscience, that we are to seek sexual satisfaction and that it is our right. I just want to tell you that is a lie from hell!

You will never be sexually satisfied and fulfilled in the way that hell wants you to believe on planet earth. There is so much selfishness around the beauty of sexuality, it’s not even funny. The truth is, some of you are thinking, “Well, If my wife/husband were only more giving…if they were only more present," and you close your heart to your spouse because they aren’t the fulfilling sexual partner that your fantasy created. Get real! 

It is the nature of our brokenness and disconnection from God that nothing on earth will ever be complete and whole; only Jesus makes wholeness happen. So that means that when you are hurting and when you are wounded inside and when you need completion, you go to Him first. Let me just tell you that an affair will always be more exciting in the beginning than the reality of true life together in marriage. It’s kind of like the flare of a match. It’s going to burn real brightly, for a moment, right before it burns you up! 

When you and I have set our life on desiring Jesus and the truth of God, which will last forever, then out of that desire, what we pursue in life fills our life with great things and eternal things. But when our desire is corrupt and broken and when we give our lives over to brokenness, it just breaks our life and breaks the next generation’s even more. Isaiah 64:6 says “…our sins sweep us away like the wind.” 

I just want to leave you all with this; the only thing that can save your hurting heart is Jesus. If you are in a place where you realize that nothing else can save you, nothing else can answer the emptiness and the pain and the desire for connection and intimacy and significance than Jesus. If you are willing to sacrifice what is false for the sake of what is true, then go to Jesus and ask for His help. You and I have to make a foundational decision in our lives. Are we going to seek salvation from Jesus or are we going to seek salvation from sexuality? The flame may be pretty, but it burns really hot!Dr.Drew Shofner

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

Blessed are the pure in heart

Can we all ageree that there are some things that belong in our lives and some things that don't? The question is what is the standard we use for measuring what belongs and what doesn't? What is acceptable and what isn't? What is helpful and what is not? Who gets to decide? If you and I are truly lovers of God and we are followers of Jesus, then by virtue of that profession of faith, we say, "Jesus, you decide what belongs in my life and what doesn't, what adds value and what takes away. What hurts, what helps, what should be there and what should not." 

Now, religion will allow you to know lots of religious knowledge and facts; but You'll still get to be the leader of your life. You'll still be the one to decide what's in, what's out, what belongs and what doesn't. When following Jesus Christ, He becomes life leader. Then God gets to decide what is toxic to your life and what is a benefit to your life, because real love costs; and your love will cost you lesser loves if it is real. 

Jesus took our broken lives and filled them with His own life; that is ever increasigly newer and of a higher purpose than ourselves. Now, we don't have to live for us. We now live according to His purpose; and the standard of what belongs and what doesn't is no longer set by me and my needs and my feelings, now it's set by the Word of God Almighty and the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Purity isn't prudishness or missing out on the good stuff; Purity is freedom from what poisons life! -Dr. Drew Shofner


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