It's our weakness that reveals the strength and power of God!

God doesn't ask us to do the impossible

All those reasons why we can't do this or we can't do that, the truth is, every single one of us who are believers in Jesus Christ can live the message and God can beautifully reveal Himself to the world in ways that are life changing because it is God Himself speaking through us - all you have to do is let it happen!

The Kingdom has come, but it's still in the process and we still live in a broken world, and so you will be opposed, but the truth is that you will also be blessed with the clarity to reveal the message.

In Matthew 10:19-20, Jesus went on to say "When they arrest you , don't worry about what you will say or how you will say it, at that time it will be given to you what to say" and I love verse 20 of Matthew 10, "For it will not be you speaking but the spirit of your Father living and speaking through you."

If you think you're all that and you've got all that, then there's no room for God in you!

But, if you're broken and your on your knees and you say "God I'm empty," then you're in a perfect place to live all of your life with God filling you up with living water and you'll be splashing life on people for the rest of your life! We as the body of Christ are called to live the message of Jesus at any cost and we are to live the whole message!

Here's what I want you to do, to live the message creatively given all you've been given no matter how small it seems to you! You may think you've got nothing and that there's no way you can make a radical difference in this world and I'm just telling you you're wrong! It's our weakness that reveals the strength and power of God! -Dr. Drew Shofner

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13)

Phil 4:13

When you look at the future and all you see is doom and gloom and darkness, and the noise of the battle, then you have lost sight of the victory and the peace that lies afterwards! All you are going to see with your natural eyes is darkness, hopelessness, brokenness, despair and whatever else hell wants you to see. But when you start believing, it is as though the horizon breaks and you can see how Heaven has invaded earth and now there is hope where there wasn’t hope, there is healing where there wasn’t healing and even death itself, I see death in light of Heaven and it just doesn’t matter anymore. It’s all about interpretation. 

Real faith is about seeing life differently and you see it through Christ who was crucified, buried, and rose on the third day, who cannot be stopped by all the powers of hell and is coming again. We live in the short time in between, between the first and second coming of Jesus Christ, and we live with the vision of the kingdom overshadowing the power of the darkness. 

So whatever comes our way, we interpret it by seeing the reality of what will be true forever and that is that God is victorious and has done everything that could possibly be done for us, and that we are going to be ok because heaven has won and hell is defeated. Believing is seeing the possibilities of God applied to real life, while the battle still rages and before we get to Heaven itself. 

Jesus Christ is resurrected and His spirit indwells every true believer and every true believer now, "can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." (Phil 4:13) There is an answer and His name is Jesus. If you can find a better answer that is more positive, than good luck to you. I could not and I don’t believe that you will either. Father, in Jesus’ name I pray that you would help us to surrender and to run to that which will set us free. –Dr. Drew Shofner

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