Get Out of the Boat!

Get out of the boat

As we talk about becoming a worshiping community of 5,000, it's not for ego -it's because there are 100,000 who don't know Jesus! We're not just gong to sit on the sidelines and watch them go to hell in disbelief...get out of the boat! (Matthew 14:22-33) 

Nothing glorifies God more than leading people toward faith in Jesus!

Champions for Christ do things with their lives that get Jesus noticed! Are you doing anything with your life that gets Jesus noticed?

Today is a turning point. You can live your life as a sideline-sitting, fear-filled, embarrassed-by-Jesus "church person," or you can get out of the boat and get into the teeth of the storm!

You can listen to the voice of Jesus in your life and you can attempt something impossible! I pray over and over again for the glory of God --you are called to be a champion for Christ!

Don't settle for a life filled with fear and all of hells lies --you have a turning point decision to make!

Whether to continue to live overwhelmed by the bad of life and the bigness of fear or to live as a child of God and champion for Christ! Whether to be overcome by the world or to be overcomers -that's our choice today! 

I'm asking you to make a move to declare that you're no longer a slave to fear but that you are a child of Christ and a champion! Live with courage--your faith! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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