What do You Have? (The Road Ahead)

what do you have

What do you have? There's a whole lot of us here who say "I've got nothing." I just want to say you're so wrong! God has given you His heart, you have the greatness of the image of the creator inside of you! With purpose, He designed you! He created you and called you to give yourself and to pour yourself out into the world in a way that would reveal His power and greatness and that would reveal in your life; Nothing is impossible with God! 

In all that you lack, that focus will take you into depression, into captivity and passivity and into nothingness! But when you shift your focus and you look at what you do have, then the answer is "God, I will give everything to you, the God who has given everything for me!" How dare you live a small life! How dare you look at everything God has given you and say this is not enough!

God is good, and He has loved you with an everlasting love! You are a unique expression of the creativity and the image of God on earth; how dare you live a small, shrinking back, self-hating life? Whatever I've got I'm giving it to God, I don't compare myself to other people! How dare you believe that God cannot overcome our obstacles! How dare you believe that God isn't enough for you and that we cannot change the world! - Dr. Drew Shofner

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