What good is it to gain the whole world and forfeit our soul?

Gain the world

We began years ago as a church of a couple hundred and we said, no, there are more sons and daughters of God that need to be loved! There are other people who don't yet know that Jesus died for them; we can't stay here!

I was a nobody growing up in the military but somebody noticed a nobody and somebody began to share the story of Jesus with a nobody because they dared to believe that my life mattered. Well, here's the deal, there are no nobody's! Everybody out there is somebody for whom Jesus died and until every man and woman, boy and girl in our region has a growing personal relationship with Jesus, our work isn't finished!

If you were raised up, conscience and alive this morning, then today there is work to do! Today there is a cross to carry. Today there is the story of Jesus to tell and you can't tell the story of Jesus without a cross! In Matthew 16:25-26, with His disciples, Jesus said it's not just me you're going to watch go to a cross. I'm calling you to carry your cross and to live denying everything that you have imagined would fulfill you and make you successful here on planet earth! You've got to die to it all, because if you want to save your life, you're going to lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it! What good will it be for a man if he were to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

Your heart is not set on what everybody else’s heart is set on. Everybody else’s heart is set on getting the world but Jesus says I have given you My Kingdom, I have given you eternity! I have given you the wealth of Heaven itself! You are free, not to be bound and in love with ‘stuff’ so don’t be owned by anything except for me!

You guys, there is greatness inside of you! If you are a believer in Jesus Christ; there is the Spirit of God inside of you! You have to make a decision in your life, whether you are going to live for what you can scratch out of the dust here on planet earth, or whether you are going to live your life with a longer range scope, with your eye on eternity. You have to decide that what matters in this race is not the first mile or the second; it's the finish line, and in Christ I choose to finish well! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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