In the Kingdom of God you are chosen!

You are a chosen nation

We've all experienced rejection. Maybe your heart experienced rejection when someone who promised to love you suddenly walks out and says they don’t! Not only do they do that, but they kind of poison the well on their way out and your heart just broke as you experienced rejection. You may have been the star athlete that always got chosen first, but even the star athletes experience at some point, that injury that leaves them on the sideline.

If you were that child who was last to get chosen for the team, you’ve experience what rejection is like. That’s the kingdom of this world. But the Kingdom of God is completely different; in the Kingdom of God you are chosen! In the Kingdom of God you are not an accident no matter what any human being has ever said to you or done to you. As the creation of God and as the image bearer of God, there is a call on your life!

On those days where God seems so distant and so far away, I remember that what I’m feeling is emotion over intellect. What I’m feeling is life in the kingdom of this world. Next time you look at your life and you’re feeling defeated and you’re discouraged and the people in the kingdom of this world have rejected you and used you, and wounded you, just realize that this is not the kingdom you’re supposed to be building in. You’re supposed to be building in the Kingdom of God! 

The Kingdom of Heaven has come through Jesus Christ. He has invaded this world and conquered it with His blood and Resurrection; so that right now, the Kingdom of Heaven is a choice that you and I can enter into. You can live a life that is a blessing; you can live a life that is not about you. You can live a life that is above addiction. You can live a life that ends brokenness and builds relationships. You can live an amazing life that can be a joy forever if you’ll have the courage to commit! –Dr. Drew Shofner

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