Connected With Our Creator

Everyone has a desire to know God

The truth is, everybody has an innate desire to know God. Everybody was created in the image of God with a desire to know Him and to be reconnected with Him. In fact, in everybody that you meet, regardless of what they know, in their DNA (woven into their very being), was wired for their connection for God! Everyone that exists has this longing to be connected with the infinite glory of their creator!

It's the deepest, it's the highest, it's the truest longing in the soul and we substitute so many 'lesser things' that are our expression for desire with God. We will fool around making money. Seeking status, we will misspend lives in empty sexuality. We will try so many things to answer this soul-deep longing inside of us because hell doesn't want us to recognize what that longing really is for--it's for God!

Some of you don't think your greatest need or longing is for God, but I'm telling you that it is! Like a light that doesn't work because there is a broken wire between it and the switch, our lives are not working because there is a disconnect between us and God that is the deepest longing and desire of our lives. Everything is broken and waiting to be redeemed!

The beginning of our brokenness was this separation from God. Why is there so much separation from God in the world? Well, 2 Corinthians 4:4 gives us the answer, "The God of this age (Satan) has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God." So while we doubt the reality of God, the issue according to scripture is not the reality of God, but it's the blindness that keeps us from seeing reality!

And still deep inside, beneath the brokenness, behind the longing, deep down buried beneath the pain, there is inside everyone of us this resonant desire to recognize God.

To acknowledge God and to connect with Him.

And when that happens it's a beautiful and amazing thing.

It is life as it was meant to be.

It is a taste of Heaven.

Just a glimpse of a soul connecting with the love of God.

And it happens in the most surprising ways, and in the most surprising moments of surrender...

Guys, God is always working to reveal His reality, that He exists, and He is always working to reveal His love! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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