Jesus is only lived from the heart!

Jesus is only lived from the heart. 

As Jesus spoke during the Sermon on the Mount, the heart of God was beating on earth, and the very voice of God was speaking into the very ears of men and women and boys and girls in a way that never happened before. In Matthew 5:48 Jesus said, “Be perfect, therefore, as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” Now, reading these words without the full context, I find this verse very discouraging. There is no way I can do this! But when you read them and understand the context they are speaking in, everything changes. 

I want to be really clear that being perfect in this context is not perfectionism. Perfectionism is a disease. Perfectionism is the expectation that things can and will be perfect here on earth and it is a lie! Perfectionism is idolatry. Perfectionism is trying to force Heaven into earth and that’s not what God is interested in doing. God is interested in saving you and leading you from earth into Heaven and the new earth. (Rev 21:1)

Perfect in this context means to be full grown; mature or complete. It means finished in purpose. It means don’t let anything keep you from growing until you become all that you are supposed to be! This is not about doing, this is about being. The call of God is not to do and earn, it is to be and to live. That is what God wants; for us to be as whole and mature and complete as all of the fullness of God Himself. 

Beyond perfectionism, there is this God call on your life to keep growing, to not settle, to refuse to stay and live small. So, why settle for being less than God’s best? There are all kinds of reasons, but remember we are not talking about acting religious, we are talking about living from a changed heart. The only way this is possible, is if we receive a heart transplant and have our diseased heart replaced by a healthy one. 

It is so hard to try to live Jesus from knowledge, it’s draining and it just wears you out; there’s no life to it! You cannot, in your own strength, live in a way that accomplishes this from your heart. This isn’t a case of having to be good enough, it is simply a case of allowing a heart exchange to happen so that you let go of your old broken dying heart and allow the heart of Jesus to exist inside of your chest. We need to stop trying to live Jesus from knowledge and realize that Jesus is only lived from the heart! -Dr. Drew Shofner
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