IF: Severn Run Conference Recap

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It began with a purpose, prayer, and preparation. In the middle there was laughter, tears, and confession. Then, there came a new beginning with the changed hearts of almost 70 women.

There is no end.

God gave Jennie Allen, a pastor’s wife and Bible study author from Austin, Texas, a vision for equipping women to boldly go into their communities, work places, and the world to share the love of Jesus. With that, IF: Gathering was born.

On February 5th and 6th Severn Run hosted a local simulcast of IF: Gathering; IF: Severn Run. There were speakers, conversations, and there was a call to action:

                  :: IF…
                                    IF Jesus is real, then how does that affect how I live?
                                    IF Jesus loves us, then how should we respond?

These are some things that God talked to IF: Severn Run attendees about:

IF: Table: IF: Table involves 6 women, 4 questions, 2 hours. When you host an IF: Table, you make a simple meal and invite 6 ladies. IF provides questions that make you think about God and where He is in your life. The goal of IF: Table is to open the door for conversation. Through these conversations relationships are enhanced. It is a safe place for guests to ask real questions and share hard situations. At IF: Table, you’ll be loved and pointed to Jesus. For resources to host an IF: Table click here or click here to request an invitation to a group that’s already meeting.

Racial Reconciliation: Tasha Morrison shared her downloadable curriculum and guidelines to facilitate discussion concerning racial reconciliation. Living so close to Baltimore and seeing the distrust between the races, several women were looking for the opportunity to have conversations about race in a Christ-centered way. Tasha encouraged ladies at IF to pray about leading a racial reconciliation discussion in their communities and several Severn Run women are interested in making that happen.

Missions: A representative from International Justice Mission (IJM) based down the road in DC brought to light atrocities women and children are facing when they are enslaved. IF: Severn Run women were burdened with that knowledge and are seeking out ways they can serve in the mission field.

Families: Women were able to reflect on the state of their families. Some shared how their daughters are lacking in confidence and are insecure in their self-image because of their mother’s struggle with the same issues. God broke down those walls and moms went home with a renewed sense of self and the desire to change how they view and speak of themselves, so that their daughters can be influenced in a positive way.

It’s always nice for women to gather together to hear from the Lord. It’s even nicer when we are moved by the Spirit to make a change in our lives, our families, and our communities. Severn Run Women are doing just that!

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