A Fight Club You Can Talk About

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“It’s not about becoming more of a man or admitting to other men you’re not doing something right. It’s about making choices that get you one-step closer on your journey toward Christ”                                                                                                            – Sean DeLair

Fight Club has just begun another Iteration. Each Iteration is a 12-week commitment wherein men must complete a few tasks in several categories each week: relational, physical, mental, and spiritual. Some tasks are a simple as reading a Proverb daily while others can be more difficult like run a mile a couple of days this week. Accountability to other men in the program is vital. While there is encouragement along the way, not every man graduates from the program. It’s a strenuous commitment, but all the graduates have cause to be proud of their work and achievement.

All the Fight Club leaders have made it through the program at least one time. One leader tried a couple of other times and failed. It’s not easy, but “you learn something every time”, he says.

What’s that you say? Not ready for a 12-week commitment of serious sacrifice? No problem. You’ll be encouraged to take the plunge when God tells you it’s time but until then, you can hang out with the guys at their regular Connect Group at 8:30 Wednesday nights at the church building.

Lots of men aren’t particularly overcome with enthusiasm at the thought of sitting around with a bunch of dudes talking about their issues. However the Fight Club guys are the best bunch of dudes around. Sean DeLair says, “We’ve been conditioned about what being a man looks like. We’re trying to break out of that box. In the “box” real men are loners and don’t talk, but that’s not biblical. It’s not what we’re created for.”

Fight Club guys talk about real issues, real struggles, real pain, real temptation. They explore what the Bible says and how God wants them to handle it well as an example to their families and others. In the world’s view, “men aren’t supposed to show weakness when they’re vulnerable, but to share that weakness with others who can point you toward Christ is actually the most courageous thing”.

View Will Skelton’s testimony here and consider getting connected with Fight Club.

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