The Worship Tribe CD Due To Release Soon

The Worship Tribe is excited to announce their new CD, which engages listeners with an eclectic blend of genres that collectively draws us into the presence of Jesus.

Set to release in February, the album has been more than a year in the making. Ben Kennedy, Severn Run’s Worship Pastor, says, “With this CD, we’re putting the boat into the water. We’ll be on the river for a long time, but this album is a starting point. A way to show folks where we are right now and who we are as a church. Just as our fathers in the faith marked parts of their journeys with a monument or altar, we are marking this part of our journey in the life of The Church at Severn Run with the Worship Tribe CD”.

With 15-20 Severn Run Worship Tribe musicians contributing and involved in the making of music on the CD, it is truly a collaborative effort and a home grown product. The CD has not been altered by commercial or industry big shots and is a true reflection of the body of believers at Severn Run.

Featured on the CD are ballads, hymns, dance music, anthems, and even hip-hop. There’s something for everyone. “Not every song is an anthem, but every person needs to find their anthem”, shares Pastor Ben.

We love our uniquely diverse congregation and the album consists of songs that appeal to people across cultures and economics, to the young and old, those who are spiritually mature, or new believers. Through this music we are united as followers of Jesus.

The Worship Tribe hopes that the CD will be used as an evangelism tool. A Severn Runner, can simply use it as a conversation starter. Not every church’s worship team makes a CD, so the fact that ours has, is kind of cool. When you invite someone to church and they’re not sure what to expect, you can point them to the CD. In this way, they can get a feel of what worship on a Sunday morning will feel like: fun, uplifting, and Christ-focused.

Keep an eye out for the drop date for the CD. We are so proud of our Worship Tribe and the love they’ve poured into this project. We can’t wait to see how God uses the CD to further his kingdom!


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