Are you with me?

are you with me 1

If we don't believe we can win, we won't even try, but if we believe we've already won, we'll live The Win boldly! Some of you today need to resolve the question of whether you're a loser or winner in Christ. I'm not talking about your feelings, I am talking about a decision you make in your heart of hearts, based on Jesus and to say that "I believe that Jesus Christ has handed me the win and that He is with me. Not because of who I am first, but because of who He is!" 

You need to resolve whether you believe, in all of your pain, all of your trouble, all of your trial whether Jesus is with you. Most of us are not living our lives boldly in the world to change it for Jesus Christ-- we're playing another game. The church is the hope of the world and we have to decide what we believe as time moves forward! 

You need to start living your life in a larger way!

You need to celebrate your giftedness and you need to unleash it on the world creatively! 

You need to use your giftedness in the church, I'm not talking about this building, The Church is the living and breathing body of Christ! People whose lives have been changed by the gospel, the  good news of the grace of love!

I'm asking you church, in the name of Jesus, to resolve the question of whether or not you believe He is with you in a victorious, unstoppable, victorious kind of way!

"Are you with me Jesus?"

If you don't answer that question, you may be forfeiting the rest of your life, the dreams of God and of hundreds of other people who could have used your creativity, your gifting, your largeness, but you shrunk back and you lived small because you believed you weren't good enough for God to be with you!

I want you and I to dare to believe: what we believe and knowing that we've already won, we can live with a new kind of confidence and we can live differently from this point forward!

I'm praying that the church of the living God rises up and when they hear Jesus say, "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age," that there is a new confidence and spring in our step because we're not just walking through life as failures, we're walking successfully in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, Lord of Lords, coming soon to all of us! 

That's our destiny and that's our way of life! -Dr. Drew Shofner

Think Kingdom. Be the Kingdom!

seek first the kingdom

You've heard me say that we're never going to refer to this "building" as the church. I want us, as a church, to begin new lives together seeking the Kingdom of God and understanding that we are called far beyond religion –we are called to be a Kingdom people!

In Matthew 6:33, the Scripture is really clear about what our priorities should be in this world, and it is this: "But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you."

That everything else we would need would be provided for us. That we wouldn't have to spend our lives and exert our lives in weariness and toil in seeking other things! We seek one thing and all other things are provided for us –it is The Kingdom that we should be thinking about first!

I want you to join me in thinking 'new' about "Church." 

Church has so many cultural attachments to it. You hear it on the news, and when some building burns down, they say a "church" burned down. Well, that's not possible unless there were hundreds of people inside!

Church: It is the body of Christ. You and I are the body of Christ that God has sent into the world to reveal His Kingdom. Jesus spent His whole life communicating this, even from the very beginning!

When you and I learn to think kingdom, it changes everything! Satan doesn't even want you using the phrase 'Kingdom of Heaven' between your left ear and your right because when you think about the Kingdom of Heaven and the kingdom of God –it changes everything!

It changes your perspective, it changes your understanding, your filter, your lens that you're seeing life through! We have to think kingdom first and last and reject being religious. So when we "seek first the Kingdom," that verse means absolutely nothing until we "seek first the Kingdom" in practical ways, in our marriages, in our parenting, at work –it's not an afterthought! 

There are two things that I want you to do. I want you to reject being religious as a way of life and to Think Kingdom, first and last, and allow God to do a new work in your life as you conceive life in a new way! -Dr. Drew Shofner

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