Summer Fun Ideas for You and Your Kids

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Have you already used up most of your ideas for summer fun for your kids? Are they looking for new ways to spend their time? Are you looking for novel and exciting activities to create great memories together this summer?

If you want some fresh ideas for family fun—here are lots of ideas and resources for you!

Around Your House

  • Have a sidewalk chalk art show: draw frames on your driveway or sidewalk and let the kids draw works of art. Later, invite your neighbors over for lemonade and an art show.
  • Make homemade ice cream—there are many great recipes online.
  • Play family games.
  • Make your own frozen treats.
  • At the library, borrow family movies to show during the hot afternoons; then challenge your kids to make costumes and put on a play about the movie or a scene from the movie.
  • Make puppets from lunch bags and let your kids put on a puppet show.
  • Let your kids take a digital camera for the day and discover their inner artist.
  • Grow a container garden—start with something easy like herbs or lettuce and discover the joy of gardening together.
  • Host a neighborhood slumber party.
  • Have a dance contest to different eras and genres of music.
  • Make paper boats and have a boat race in a plastic kiddie pool.

Around Town

  • Try new fruits or vegetables from a local farmer’s market.
  • Take in a movie for $1: both Cinemark and Regal participate by showing family movies for $1 admission.
    • Check listings for Cinemark (plus get a coupon)
    • Check listings for Regal 
  • Take a trip to the dollar store and pick out summer toys for your kids to share with the neighbors.
  • Check out a local farm.
  • Go to a museum, find a children’s museum if you have young ones.
  • Participate in Vacation Bible School!
  • Head to the library and participate in their summer reading program.

Ideas from the Web


Remember that some of the best memories are made when we share our time, love, and laughter with our families.

Have any ideas of your own? Log in and post in the comments!

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