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Nov 04, 2018

Follow Up!

Passage: Mark 1:14-19

Speaker: Drew Shofner

Series: Extraordinary: The Surprising Life of God's Son on Earth

Category: Spiritual Growth, Identity

Your worth isn't in “measuring up,” trying to be more in this world. Instead, it's in following up. When Jesus says, “Follow Me” he is calling you to use the life you have to reveal the life you've been given! Our identities are twisted in lies until we choose to follow the call of Jesus into the Truth of love. Humble yourself in the presence of an almighty God. Notice Jesus. Let Jesus Christ captivate your attention. Let hope rise, trusting that Jesus is actually who He says He is, and that Jesus can actually do what He says He can do--for you! This isn't passive – you've got to choose AND act. If you courageously live Jesus’ worth, you will find yours, and others will see theirs.