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Jun 10, 2018

Finding Kingdom Connection

Passage: Matthew 9:1-36

Speaker: John B. Smith

Series: Life is Better Connected

Category: Connection

Jesus spent his entire life out on the road, meeting people where they were, giving them the healing they needed, and just being with all the broken people who crossed his path. Jesus knew what it really meant to be connected, because he knew that what matters most in this world is people. And so, in our brokenness, we should be doing the same. God designed us to be connected, and there are people in our lives who are looking to have connection with us. Sometimes they might be right in front of us, but other times, just as Jesus showed us, it’s the people out in the world that we bump into on the road to wherever we’re going. After we own our own brokenness, we need to allow space for others to be broken along with us. Then, through connection, we can find a way to spread the love, joy, and peace of Jesus.