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Mar 17, 2019

An Interview With A Missionary

An Interview With A Missionary

Speaker: Drew Shofner

Series: Extraordinary: The Surprising Life of God's Son on Earth

Category: Mission

Keywords: call, equipped, integral missions, missionary, missions, serving, wholistic missions

We often discount our role in the advancement of the Kingdom of Heaven here on Earth because we aren’t paid to do “ministry.” Or maybe because we don’t know enough. Or maybe because we don’t see the problems we can fix as big enough. Whatever our excuses are, God calls us past them into a life that is the difference and changes peoples’ worlds one at a time. Jesus declared that we would do even greater things than He did in His ministry (John 14:12), do we believe Him? *Unfortunately due to the sensitivity of the work that our missionary does, we are unable to post the interview with him online. Please be in prayer for our friends as they serve as medical missionaries abroad!