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Apr 21, 2019

All In. For Love...

Passage: John 18:37-20:16

Speaker: Drew Shofner

Series: All In

Category: Belief

Keywords: all in, easter message, empty grave, love

God’s story is in 4 parts. Part 1, God created the world. Man sinned and built a wall.The result was death. (See Romans 3:23) Even so, God was still “all in.” Christmas, the coming of Christ, is Part 2. God gave us all his glory. But we still struggled to accept him then, and still do today. Part 3 is the cross. It was here that everything changed through redemption. Jesus was the sacrifice of heaven. To be “all in,” we must accept and acknowledge him through faith. The grave is Part 4. There is no other grave like the one in which Jesus was laid. This empty grave changed the lives of the eleven disciples and is still changing lives today. It’s time to stop living in the grave. God created the world and gave us Jesus. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the grave so we could have life in him - all for love. Accept that life. Accept his love. Take down your wall and start living all in for God.